Grayson's glasses

I have a case of tinnitus that I find regularly keeps me up at night, the incessant ringing making it very difficult to sleep sometimes.  Similar to countless times past, I found myself up at 1am watching random videos on YouTube.  You may or may not be surprised at what you’ll see when this is your perusing protocol but this was the time that I found Grayson (see YouTube link below).  For 15 minutes, I became a rapt viewer of his life and for 14 minutes and 50 seconds, I was bawling my eyes out.  I mean it.  I could not control it.  With every chuckle and high five, I cried like a newborn.

You see, Grayson has more afflictions than seem possible for a single person to suffer.  In the video, his mother states he has “Grayson’s syndrome” because his afflictions are so numerous and mysterious (one of which is craniosynostosis-a birth defect in which the bones in a baby’s skull join together too early) that the doctors named the condition after him. Grayson is fed through a permanent tube in his stomach and looks to be well under 10 years old.   His life expectancy can be measured in breaths, yet his upbeat and positive attitude beams off of him like a gold medal hanging around the neck of an Olympic champion.  His parents faces reflect an unceasing anxiety at what his doctors say is an impending inevitability.

But I wasn’t bawling because I felt sorry for Grayson.  It’s obvious he neither wants pity nor would he accept it (he would, however, accept a high five).  No, I was crying because I immediately realized that I could do better….we….all could do better.  All of the things that this special little boy and his parents have to potentially be mad at and blame God and the world for and instead they all chose to be absolute rays of sunshine.

What petty problems we have.  Problems that we have the capability to solve if we would just find the courage to be vulnerable and communicate our hearts instead of protecting our egos.  I defy you to watch that video and not find some space in your life where you could do more….BE more.  A space where maybe you could be nice to someone that doesn’t deserve it, including yourself.  To forgive and ask forgiveness.  To do something you’ve never done before.  To see the world through Grayson’s glasses.


Written by Donn Bradley

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  1. I too suffer from Tinnitus that ranges from moderate ringing to rushing water and a pulse beat. Sometimes it can drive you nuts. But looking at the video of Grayson – well, what can you say?

    It leaves you speechless and wondering at the vagaries of life.

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