Why Covid 19 Has Caused Me To Dislike Many Human Beings

The longer the COVID 19 pandemic goes on, the more faith I lose in many of my fellow human beings. 

I am fortunate to live in British Columbia (BC) in Canada where the virus, while not eliminated, has been downgraded to a level that is far better than Washington state, our neighbor to the south, and Alberta on our eastern border. 

The residents of BC are very fortunate in having a very pragmatic leader, Premier John Horgan, who is not given to histrionics and political grandstanding and a provincial health officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry, who has done an outstanding job in a balancing act between wielding a big stick and cajoling people to be kind, be respectful and to follow the government’s guidelines.  Her approach appears to be working with Vancouver, the third-largest city in Canada having a far lower COVID 19 infection rate than Toronto and Montreal on a per head of population metric.

That being said, there is still a large number of the population who regard the current pandemic as a vague type of flu and a momentary nuisance that will miraculously disappear one day soon, all by itself. 

For example, these people choose to completely disregard signs on park trails requesting walkers to walk in single file on narrow sections, keep to the right and to distance, using the six-foot distancing rule.  Many seem to take delight in ignoring these rules and creating discomfort amongst people who are at high risk such as older seniors and people with apparent disabilities. Why do they do this? What perverse pleasure do they get from making the rule-abiding walkers uncomfortable? 

And, some of the worst offenders are runners. As the weather warms up, bodies heat up and perspiration is created that is emitted more from runners than from walkers. That sweat billowing off running bodies, coupled with the wind on a particularly windy day puts everyone around runners at risk.  At a guess, I would say seventy-five percent of runners don’t care. When taken to task by walkers, they offer a stupid grin or use the middle finger. At times like this, I think that India, with its stick-wielding COVID enforcers, is a good idea. Some people just need a good slap in the head.

Then there are people who completely disregard the distancing circles placed on the pavement outside supermarkets, banks and are other high traffic retail outlets. When it is bought to the attention of a transgressor they are not standing where required, this is usually met with a look of disdain or an irritable wave of their hand, a contemptuous dismissal that real riles me!

Who they f##k do they think they are? Are these the same people who drive while drunk or text while driving or who speed through school zones? Do they regard themselves as so special and so entitled that laws and rules do not apply to them?

This problem seems to be very commonplace and appears to be ingrained in a fairly large percentage of the population. More so in some countries than others. Look at the COVID statistics in countries like New Zealand, Taiwan, and South Korea where the populations have been much more compliant and diligent then compare those stats to countries like the USA and the UK where much of the population think “anything goes” and the government guidelines and COVID reduction strategies are regarded as a personal afront and an attack on their liberty. 

The same mindset exists in the anti-vaccine nitwits. Guaranteed, when a COVID vaccine is approved for general use, the trolls will come out from under their rocks with their stupid conspiracy theories and rail against the vaccine as a government plot to turn citizens into mindless robots. 

Mindless trolls are the bane of intelligent people everywhere. How can they be stopped? Education is one way. Fact-checking another. Only believe what can be substantiated by a verifiable source. Keep in mind: if you don’t believe in something backed up by truth, you can fall for anything.

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Post Image Credit: Rachel Lynette French, Unsplash.


Written by Michael Trigg

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