How To Say "I Love You"

Remember that sometimes love can appear in different forms.

When your husband comes home from work with a tank full of gas because you have to go to night class, that’s his way of saying “I love you”. When she calls you after class to see how your test went, that’s her way of saying “I love you”. When she hands a homeless man half of her sandwich, that’s her way of saying, “He needs our love”. 

Love isn’t always saying I love you. Those words may be needed but sometimes it’s the actions that matter most. Think about a child who has fallen off her bike. She doesn’t want her parents to stand there and say ‘I love you’, she wants to run into their arms and to be picked up. 

It isn’t something to be tossed around lightly. Love should be placed on a pedestal and only the one truly worth should be able to reach it. Unfortunately, we live in a sad world where bits of someone’s love can be given away to anyone who looks their way. 

When she storms out of the house in order to get away from her family, that doesn’t say “I love you”. When he looks at her with only lust, that doesn’t say “I love you”. When the teacher neglects to intervene when a child is being bullied, that doesn’t say “I love you”. 

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they have to choose the love they think they deserve. Chances are, the first choice may not be the right one. Everyone’s ideal love is out there somewhere, whether is it the love of a spouse or child. For some people, it may be love from their co-workers or the elderly neighbor down the hall.

No matter what, love exists in their world for a reason. Don’t wait for it to find you, take your life into your own hands, and find the love that is meant for your life. 


Written by Ashlee Dawson

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