Why Is Everyone So Crazy About Stephanie Meyer's Midnight Sun?

Way back in the day, Stephanie Meyer rose to prominence with her early 2000s vampire romance series, Twlight. The series became so popular among adolescent to young adult fans that it eventually got adapted to four subsequent films that grossed over millions of dollars. Now after a several year hiatus, Stephanie Meyer has returned with a new book called Midnight Sun. The novel is supposedly the same as the first book from the earlier series, Twlight but the only difference is that it’ll be told in Edward Cullen’s point of view. Am I crazy for thinking this new novel isn’t worth all the hype that’s surrounding it? 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge Twlight fan (was on team Jacob, sorry Edward Cullen lovers) and I loved the series through and through. I read all four books and watched the films religiously. Of course it sucked when it ended but at some point in time, we have to learn to let things go. I’d rather Stephanie Meyer come out with an all new vampire series, than to regurgitate the same material and try to sell it off as a “new” book. That’s just lazy writing to me. Now what she could’ve done is write a book that takes place within the same universe as Twlight but ultimately have a different story that doesn’t follow the same characters. Or she could’ve just wrote another vampire series entirely. Maybe even throw in a shifter romance while she’s at it!

Meyers didn’t need to re-write Twlight and give it a different name like Midnight Sun (which sounds super cool btw). I mean, she could’ve done that in the first book of the Twlight series. Most urban fantasy writers frequently switch between different character point of views in books nowadays so it wouldn’t have been uncommon for her to do that at the time. 

I don’t know, that’s just my two cents on the matter. Anyone have any thoughts about Midnight Sun?


Written by Aja Dandridge

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