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Would you say that being a ‘do-gooder’ is a good thing or a bad thing? If you answered, “A bad thing,” you would be absolutely correct in our current construct of the world. The Cambridge Dictionary confirms, a ‘do-gooder’ is, “someone who does things that they think will help other people, although the other people might not find their actions helpful” (). states they’re, “a well-intentioned but naive and ineffectual social or political reformer” (). Something must have made this noun take on such a negative meaning and I wanted to know what that “thing” was and help you change your answer, thoughts, and feelings about a do-gooder forever. These definitions led me to think about where the noun came from. 

How did “do good” originate? 

How does a person who wants to do good, does much good, yet end up with such a bad rap? There’s got to be a story behind this. Do you love a good mystery? “Who dunnits” are one of my favorites! It turns out the the verb “do good” means “to do good deeds” in Old English (). quotes a 1650s doctor who describes a “do good” as, ‘”a person who actively seeks to correct social ills in an idealistic, but impractical or superficial, way” (). We see that early on that the meaning took on somewhat negative connotations. 

As you know, thinking leads to more thinking, so I wondered if this negative meaning of a seemingly positive person, who may not have known precisely how to do good and persisted anyway, occur. Was it that society is inately suspicious of good? Or was there something more sinister going on at the time to taint their perspective. Were people more self-fish and survivalist back then, for instance, and did they get annoyed by how philanthropists or even kind-hearted people without deep pockets “waste” of their time, money, and resources interferring?

In 1640, the English Revolution, or the Great Rebellion, as it was also called, was afoot (Guizot, 1846). Charles I, his councillors, and their commissioners were creating “order” (Guizot, 1846, p.63). Ireland for the benefit of the Crown and the general population of England. The aristocrats were selffishly ceasing Irish lands, agriculture, industries and trades for their own. The afflicted had little faith in good or Irish justice. Much was suspect. Good held little value as the deep injustices could not be righted by donations. Ireland wanted separation from the Crown and looked at any good others tried to do as weak platitudes and a means to oppress them. What a tangled web we weave–indeed!


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Are You Determined to Do Good No Matter What?

Can you imagine if USAID, the UN, and other “do gooders” simply gave up? Sure, these organizations make mistakes and offend some, or, at times, most of the culturally diverse people they intend to serve, yet they are still determined to do good. The need to do good overwhelms and consumes them. Doing good is in their DNA. With refinements and adjustments, they learn better ways to socially and politically do good in specific regions. 

When I was researching this article, I had a revelation: It’s up to each of you to be responsible, socially-conscious, and tireless do-gooders. Why should you accept anything derogatory, or degrading that society throws at you? Society has been wrong before and will be wrong again. You must set up your own standards and live in your own loving, caring, and all-inclusive world. 

Reality is what you make it, not what you’re told it is or must be. It takes tremendous courage to help people, pets, and the planet. You need confidence and faith, to believe that the donations–whatever form they take–you make are catalysts for positive change. So, with that said, how do you begin? Realize that negative connotations of “do gooder” came more out of lingering wounds of a by-gone political era, than out of anything any private individual or organization attemped to do inelegantly.

Donate to Trusted, Highly-Effective, and Like-Minded Organizations

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Feel the Full Body Massage That’s Giving

Did you know that giving is not only great for the person receiving, but is also excellent for the giver? Studies show that giving: 

  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Increases self-esteem
  • Reduces depression
  • Lowers stress
  • Leads to a longer life
  • Increases happiness

Source: Scott Bea, Cleveland Clinic

Other studies show that your mesolimbic system becomes active after you donate, vounteer, or give to charity (). Doctor’s call it “helper’s high” () and there are physical and psychological benefits. Giving is like a full body massage for you entire life. You can reproduce these feelings of connectiveness and purpose whenever you like with organizations like GreaterGood and many others. Why GreaterGood stands apart is that they help a wide range people, pets, and organizations that help the planet. 

One of my favorites is their animal rescue site. I’ve made it possible for you to go there and donate or learn more by clicking on my “Buy Now” button below. With you permission, I’d like to highlight the work this program does here. I’ll write separate articles about their other projects and, of course, you’re free to click the “Buy Now” button and explore all of the amazing work they do on your own. We are so fortunate to be able to sit at home, click the “Buy Now” button, and donate or make a purchase that helps feed and shelter an abused child, for example. Your satisfaction with life will skyrocket!

Animal Rescue Site: Just One of Many GreaterGood Preeminent Programs

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GreaterGood’s healthcare workers are helping families and animals during these incredible times. You can sponsor this worthy cause for a day, a week, or a month. These 3-ply masks will give animal shelter workers two (2) days of protection for as little as $2. Each one of you can help GreaterGood employees, fosters, volunteers, and veterinarians to save the lives of all types of pets. As adoption rates decrease during the pandemic the need for your donations increase.

Here’s an example of what you true do-gooders are capable of (watch video). Families, pets, and the planet benefit because of your kind hearts and small donations that make a BIG IMPACT. Do-gooders everywhere can make a positive difference from the comfort of their homes. Look at what you dynamic, determined, do-gooders do and the wonderful ways only you can change lives:


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