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What are Superfoods?

When you think of ‘superfoods,’ what comes to mind? You may think ‘avocados’ (at least, that’s the first thing that came to my mind) because you may have heard that they are full of vitamins and nutrients. However, Harvard Medical School’s, Harvard Health Publishing contributor, Katherine D. McManus¹, reminds us that:

No single food–not even a superfood–can offer all the nutrition, health benefits, and energy we need to nourish ourselves (McManus, 2020).

After reading this, I wondered if there was a natural, nutrient-packed way you could give your body everything it needs in one go. Now, that would be a sexy superfood! You may be very pleasantly surprised to know that the answer is not under “golden arches.” Okay, seriously though….

If an avocado is chock full of: nutrients; antioxidants like folic acid, Omega 3, magnesium, potassium, lutein, fiber; vitamins A, C, D, E, K, B-group vitamins; copper, manganese, and iron (Avocado Society, 2017²), and still doesn’t cut it, what does? Of course, thinking leads to more thinking, which leads to more research.

MRE’S Just Aren’t Sexy

For whatever reason, I remembered that my brother was in the military and he use to tell me about MRE’s or Meals, Ready-to-Eat. He said they were full of nutrients and weren’t that bad tasting either. Fair enough. Still, don’t sound delicious, do they? Nor, are they met to be! When you’re on the go, haven’t had time to stop and eat for a few days, and you’ve got a bottle of water and an MRE between you and the enemy, that meal may just taste fantastic!

All the same, that’s not going to work for my superfood because taste is very important and it would have to taste delicious for it to make the grade. I want to dazzle you, not make you think of murdering me every time you look at an MRE bag! It’s true, you may be in lockdown and, quite frankly, may not have the nutritional selection you’d like or are used to. That’s assuming, of course, that you know how to cook at all! (I see you nodding your head over there.)

For the record, no offense to the U.S. Department of Defense for thinking about the people in service, who don’t always have access to a food canteen or hot water during deployments. With that out of the way, MRE’s just aren’t “sexy.” Like many of you out there, all-natural ingredients are what I’d really like to see, too, if at all possible. 

We’re exposed to enough mystery ingredients in our diets already. As you can imagine, MRE’s were out. After rejecting that idea, I started thinking about how people must be run-down by the lockdown–now there’s an ingenious slogan just screaming for merchandising, even if I say so myself. Those words would look awesome on a T-shirt or hat! Yes, I actually found a site I liked enough and played around a bit. Feel free to check the photo credit if you’re interested. You’re free to rip-off my idea. Just don’t say I never gave you anything.

Run-Down by the Lockdown?

If you are ‘Run-down by the Lockdown,’ don’t be surprised if you have the following bouts of weirdness going on like: low energy, less motivation, slight-to-severe malnutrition, and a failing immunity system (Naja & Hamadeh³, 2020, para. 1 and 2). That was my suspicion before I did the research because friends have been saying how listless and lythargic they are from sheltering for so long. Fear not! Every problem really does have a solution. Take courage. 

Please comment if you smell what I’m cooking with this one. Your story could be the one to help people know that they’re not alone. In addition, I haven’t mentioned depression and feeling batty (excuse the pun, but it beats bat-sh*t crazy…or does it?). By now, you may even have a case of memory fog or Groundhog Day Syndrome. You know, when days blur into each other, you have a hard time remembering what day it is, and your days seem to be in an endless loop! “In fact, poor diet quality has been associated with not only physical but also mental health” (Naja & Hamadeh³, 2020, para. 2.).

Have you ever sat and watched countless consecutive episodes of anything? Sure you have! In the accelerated Netflix age of the last few months, many of us have taken binge-watching to an all new high. You know the feeling you get after binge-watching a few full seasons of Game of Thrones? (Just remember your binge-watching experience of anything really, then multiply that by the number of days in lockdown.) Now you’re getting the true perspective on what may be happening to your brain as your memory starts feeling fuddled–but, without the alcohol. Changing your location in the house or going outside for a bit works, but you need to get the healing activated at the cellular level. 

Uncharted Waters

Let’s face it, no one knows precisely how far lockdown will go or when it will all end. Scarier still, if it ends, will we have to be put in lockdown again. YIKES! Just as importantly, what type of world will we be asked to function in when things do “return to normal”? If you’re feeling unhealthy anxiety or as though you’re not firing on all cylinders, I may have a remarkable solution to share with you and your family. 

If you feel like you’re out of control, seek help! I am not a medical professional and there are many free hotlines all over the country that are helping millions of people. You can Google local hotlines in your area and find the help you need. My heart goes out to all of these individuals and families all over the world. Truly. The scope of this article is to share some great news that I put together for you by doing some research. I am in no way an expert.

What I’m sharing is 100% fact-based research about improving you energy, immunity, and wellness. Let’s take a virtual measuring stick to what you would like to feel like compared to how you may be feeling now.

What would you pay if you could?

1)    Revitalize your energy and shed fat, too!

2)    Take 23 seconds or less to prepare an all-in-one meal that provides you with the naturally good superfoods your body needs.

3)    Get all the proteins and greens your body needs without all the fuss.

4)    Make a shake that tastes of delicious natural vanilla and contains zero; GMO’s, Dairy, Soya, Gluten, Peanuts, Shellfish, or Hormones.

5)    Know that your meal is Vegan and Paleo-Friendly.

6)    Know that there zero added sugar and you’re absorbing a mixture that’s slightly sweetened with natural stevia.

7)    Know you’d have no Shopping, Juicing, or Messes to clean up.

8)    Know that your naturally healthy meal included Anti-Inflammatories, Detoxifiers, and Immune and Digestive Support.

9)    Regain your youthful energy and be ready for and prepared–endurance-wise–for anything!

10)   Get 44-superfoods in just one shake.

My guess is that you would feel like a new person. You would have increased immunity and metabolism as well as a feeling of rejuvenated health. You have one body. How you treat it matters. What doesn’t matter is how you’ve treated it in the past because there’s nothing you can do about the past, only the present and the future. You can get on track to a stronger and healthier body as soon as your shake arrives! How can one shake do so much? Keep reading and you’ll get to the answer below.

What’s in this Sexy Superfoods Shake?

How Do I Reserve My Free Sample and Pay Less Than Five Bucks for Shipping and Handling?

Before we get to that, I think it would be helpful for you if I do a quick recap of exactly what you’re saying, ‘Yes!’ to and what you can expect from this shake. Are you ready? Let’s go!

For just $4.95 shipping and handling, you can expect:

  1. Doctor-formulated, proprietary mixture that includes a healthy portion of vegan-friendly pea protein for fat loss, energy, muscle mass, and bone strength.
  2. It’s faster than fast food, mixes and ready-to-drink in 23 seconds.
  3. Absolutely no GMO’s, soya, gluten, dairy, nuts, shellfish, or hormones!
  4. Easy and highly nutritious meal without all the stress and fuss.
  5. No added sugars or artificial sweeteners whatsoever.
  6. Full immune system support.
  7. All-day vibrant energy.
  8. Powerful detoxifiers for liver and blood support.
  9. Perfect for an easy breakfast, lunch, and even a healthy, delicious dessert.
  10. A full day’s serving of all your fruits and vegetables.
  11. Supports healthy joints.
  12. Burns fat with delicious ‘paleo’-friendly drink mix.
  13. Sweetened with stevia and natural vanilla bean subtle, slightly sweet flavor.
  14. Perfect for mixing with your favorite fruits and supplements.
  15. No more shopping, juicing, or messes.
  16. 6-year shelf life!

Powerful, right? Of course, you could find all these foods in various places if you wanted, there’s no need to read my carefully crafted research detailing everything for you so that all you have to do is click the, “YES! Reserve My FREE Sample!” text below. However, what precisely would you have to buy and how much of it would you need to get the same effects?

I want to be completely open with you because I love helping you. With me you learn more about how to boost your immunity, the benefits of the right types of foods in your daily diet, and research about what hundreds of thousands of other people say about anything I present to you. Remember what I said at the beginning, the last thing in the world I would want is for you to write a bad review about my review after you received your free sample. With that said, here’s the truth of what you would need to buy to get the same benefits and nutrients in these specifically-sourced ingredients above:

  •   60 eggs (your formula uses only pea protein).
  •   30 cans of wild-caught salmon.
  •   15 bottles of kombucha.
  •    1 bottle of 90-count pure vegan digestive enzyme complex.
  •    1 bottle of truly natural vitamin C acerola 500g powder.
  •    1 bottle of nature’s way turmeric 120 tablets.
  •    1 bottle of 480g container of organic wheatgrass.
  •    1 bottle of rainforest foods, 500 mg of organic combined chlorella and spirulina.
  •    10 bunches of kale.
  •    1 jar of cinnamon.

Or…you could just simply click, “YES! Reserve My FREE Sample!” immediately below. If you live in the US, you can have your delicious, smooth, easy-to-mix shake formula that’s packed with all the powerful nutrient-rich superfoods and energy you need to go about your day without spending time worrying and stressing about your health, immunity, and wellness. I wish you wellness, my friends!

YES! Reserve My FREE Sample!


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