10 Signs You May Need To Join A Library

Truth is most often used to mean being in accord with fact or reality, or fidelity to an original or certain accepted standard.

Humans are emotional beings. It is very common for them to put some sort of emotional investment into things such as values, beliefs, and their own personal dogma. Many people attach themselves to political identities and religions the way they attach themselves to their professions. This is not a bad thing providing there are rational thoughts and some research behind creating those attachments. After all, you would not want to be qualified under any of the following 10.

  1. You get all your news from Facebook and Twitter – and you believe what you read from these sources with no fact-checking. SORRY: Both Facebook and Twitter are getting it wrong when it comes to political ads and information.
  2. You think the bible was written by some caring god. SORRY: Organised religion is in the decline while spiritualism is on the rise.  Any form of a religious handbook was not written by a god
  3. You feel you can drive and text with complete safety. SORRY: Intelligent people know that texting while driving is a really, really stupid thing to do. And, add drinking alcohol and driving.
  4. You actually sit through commercials when watching commercial TV instead of picking up a book or a magazine or muting the sound.  SORRY: 90% of TV commercials are badly presented and made to appeal to people who cannot chew gum and walk at the same time. Many are an insult to human intelligence.
  5. You are a global warming, climate change denier. SORRY: Opponents of climate-change action depend on the kind of word salads and magical thinking the Trump regime displays.
  6. You believe the political party you follow is the only truthful party. SORRY: Politicians use and abuse statistics and fabricate when it suits their purposes. Contemporary examples of either deliberate or inadvertent misuse of data are easy to find on all sides of the political divide.
  7. You believe the earth’s population is made up of races defined by skin color and that people with  skin color other than white are inferior. SORRY: There is only one race, the human race.
  8. You may believe one or all of the following: The earth is flat. We never went to the moon. The assassination of John F Kennedy was; (take your pick) a mafia plot; a CIA plot; a Cuban plot; a Russian plot. SORRY: Conspiracy theories are just that; conspiracy theories with an emphasis on theory.
  9. You believe or have a suspicion that childhood vaccines are dangerous to children. SORRY: The anti-vaccination movement is a regression in modern medicine. Childhood vaccines do not cause autism.
  10. You don’t believe the continued use of fossil fuels is a danger to human life on the planet. SORRY: Fossil fuels are classified as hard, gas, or liquid resources that are burned to generate heat, power, and electricity. They include coal, natural gas, biomass, LNG, and oil. They are also a leading source of the world’s global warming and climate change as well as smog.

As a final note, there is no such thing as “alternative facts” or “alternate truths”. Science and logic trump (oops) everything.


Written by Michael Trigg

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