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On Communication _ With Friends _With Family _ With Strangers

With friends – Some friends honestly aren’t worth your time. You may commit more to the friendship then they ever will. A good place to check is in your communication. If you are frequently (always) initiating communication then this could be a sign either your friend is busy or more likely they don’t care as much about the friendship as you. Examples of you initiating communication can range from the common “Hi, what’s up?” to the more serious opening up emotionally. Sometimes it is nice to have someone ask you how you are doing first. 

With other friends, though you may not talk for weeks at a time when you do it was like no time passed, those are quality friends and these types of friends are my favorite. I find them to be few and far between.

Then there is the issue of figuring out communication between acquaintance friends and close or good friends. I find that with acquaintance friends I tend to commit less time and energy into those conversations as opposed to the stronger efforts to communicate with close or good friends. I’ve observed though some people though seem to be able to keep average friendships with an acquaintance and close/good friend types, having limited or rare friendships of real depth. 

With family –  Family to me is a wild card some members are predictable and others continue a constant show of surprise, confusion, and contradiction in their actions and behaviors to the rest of the family. 

I find with family those members who are predictable keeping to a generic dialogue, range of topics to talk about that are “safe,” and holding one’s tongue is the best way to avoid conflict and fighting within the family,  especially during holidays and other large family gatherings. 

For those family members that are just unpredictable, I’d say try keeping an open mind and try to see where they are coming from or how they might perceive a person or situation a certain way.

Seek to understand not to judge. 

With strangers – approach with cordial understanding.


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