100% home compostable plates, bowls, food trays, clam shells and other take-away packaging.

100% home compostable kidney trays, pill cups, serving trays and other healthcare packaging.

100% home compostable seedling trays, plant holders, mulch films and other bio-degradable products.

100% home compostable fresh food trays, egg cartons and other fruit and vegetable bio-degradable packaging.


Made from 100%
wheat straw waste

Wheat straw waste is an agricultural waste product that gets used as cattle feed, cattle bedding, left on the ground to rot, or burnt to clear land for next seasons wheat crops. As a product it ticks all the boxes:

◎    100% Australian made
◎    100% non-contaminated agri waste
◎    100% home compostable
◎    Made using only water, steam, pressure and heat
◎    Just like placing hay in your bin or landfill
◎    Provides extra income for farmers
◎    Locally made = lower emissions
◎    Safe for garden, landfill and planet

NuPAL Manager: Dean Lettfuss

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Tailor made
products & branding

Need a tailor made product or branding solution? NuPAL offers custom designs, shapes, molds and branding on top of our standard product range and solutions. Choose from:

◎    Ink free CO2 branding and labeling
◎    Ink free product marketing and promotions
◎    Custom embossed product branding
◎    Natural vs bleached appearance


Environment, safety, reliability

Our goal is to manufacture world class environmentally friendly products... safely and reliably. In doing you receive what you ordered, on-time and without any dangerous or nasty contaminants common in overseas agri-waste dumps.


Our manufacturing process employs solar power, natural gas, and an effluent treatment plant to recycle water and limit carbon emissions.

Health & Safety

We actively implement, review and improve our safety practices and policies to deliver zero LTI's.


Reliability is critical to our growth and success. We take pride in delivering products on time and to the specifications you expect.


Supporting local
jobs and talent

We endeavour to be a buy local, support local and employ local. We're an equal opportunity employee and searching for talented and motivated people to join our company.


Partnering with farmers,
universities & government


Dr. Thava Palanisami ( University of Newcastle )

The University of Newcastle are excited for this opportunity to further their research into bioplastic solutions and assist Innovationclub and Nupal in their efforts to produce environmentally sustainable single use plastic replacement alternatives.

Letter of Support

Paul Toole ( NSW Deputy Premier )

Thank you for your correspondence regarding your bioplastics manufacturing facility. I am please to confirm the NSW Government is committed to its NSW Waste and Sustainable Materials Strategy 2014. I have asked the local Business Development Manager from the Department of Regional NSW to provide support to your company. I look forward to future updates from your Board and thank you for taking the time update me on your project.

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